Synthetic and natural hair


It is the reproduction of your natural hair with synthetic fibers that offers the same characteristics of brightness, colorness and curls. It's about lightness, colour stability, styling simplicity and maintenance. There are three kind of fibers:


The fiber can't stand the heat, especially drying and hot water.

You have to avoid sleeping with the wig except on a silk pillow.

It is the most used fiber with a large choice of colours.

Use: 6 months.


It offers the same features as the modacrilic but it stands the

heat up to 180 degrees and the number of color is limited.

You will find this fiber with the following models :



It is human hair from different origins. Different quality levels exist

from 0 to 7(chinese low quality to the best european quality). NJ uses

only 6 (indian) and 7 (european) level with a long duration of life.

To fabric a full wig it takes sometimes 3 to 5 donors to have the

necessary amount of hair. All our wigs have a silicone protection factory.

It is necessary to wash it before the first use. The main advantage of natural hair is especially the look and feel which is the same than our hair. Finally, the color possibilities are endless.

Rarity explains its price and a regular maintenance is necessary to keep a beautiful hair, feel free to visit a professional before all interventions. There are three types of hair:


It stand the heat from the hair dryer during brushings. Remy hair
means that the hair has been chipped to avoid tangles. it is only
possible with a high end hair quality and it allows to have a very
beautiful hair without any problem.

You can darken the colour. For an optimal effectiveness, the
recommended time of use is one year.

IDEM for women, BENOIT - DREAM - JEROME - PASCAL for men.

Hairpieces for men, and PATRICK (full wig); volumizing : EVOLUTION MONO - IDEAL VOLUME - OPTI VOLUME - NOUVEL HAIR - VOLUME TOUCH


Moovie curl concept offer the same caracteristics than remy hair
but with a part of synthetic hair. the style doesn't moove even
during wet weather ! In the case of a clear or white color, we can
darken it without losing the clear color fiber. It can stand the heat
to 180 degrees and the number of colours is limited.
Styles concerned by this fiber are : JODIE - NATHALIA (full wigs)


This is a european hair from the east with some basic colors.
It stands the heat up to 210 degrees and the number of colors is
large. It can be worn as a permanent attachment. It has a very
long life : approximately one year. Possibility
Il s'agit d'un cheveu d'Europe de l'Est ou du Sud beaucoup plus fin,

avec certaines couleurs de base 100% naturelles (sans coloration).

Il supporte la chaleur jusqu'à 210° et le nombre de couleurs est

vaste. Il peut être porté en fixation permanente. Il a une durée de

vie très longue : environ 1 an. Possibility of tailor-made
manufacture contact the NJ advisor on 01 40 22 07 22.