More than a medical wig

For people who are losing their hair because of chemotherapy 

You have to know....
Hairloss, partial or total is a side effect associated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It is very devastating for these people. In fact, most patients find it as difficult to cope with hair loss than the cancer itself. When your healthcare team confirms that you will experience hair loss,, you realize how they are linked to your personal identity.

Some people wonder if they can get to feel good about themselves and to keep the spirits up despite losing hair. NJ health beauty are trained to meet you and help you. they offer information and solutions in their salons.

Lors de votre rendez-vous à l'institut NJ Santé Beauté il vous sera proposé une prise en charge globale de "La perte à la repousse du cheveu" le suivi Carte Complicité, un engagement de suivi dans votre institut.

Complicity service Complicity

chapilie.jpgOur concept Complicity service include and gather all care products and the comfort that will need before experiencing hair loss until your hair grow.

The complicity service includes :

> A comfortable wig ,with our antigliss concept, synthetic or natural hair, the cut, the style. 
> We take care of you in a personalised room to relieve your sensitive and irritative scalp and improve a regrowth of your hair. 
> A set of products to maintain your wig and scalp (See our list of cosmetic treatments).
> A confidential service, attention and an expert advice will support you in your approach.

To be sure that you get your wig on time, we recommend to visit a NJ health beauty specialist.
You forget your wig, you are simply yourself. You are beautiful ! All our models are manufactured with care. Our experience and innovative tecnics offer real natural results. We use only premium hair qualitiy and synthetic fibers.

Hair loss and hair health prevention for men and women 

Your hair appear thinner than before ? 
You find more and more hair on your pillow ? Your hair loss weekens your self-confidence ? At NJ, we believe it is important that you adopt an attitude and proactive habits compared to your hair health. Even if your hair seems beautiful, it may be time to think about prevention ?

Did you think to evaluate your scalp condition by a NJ expert ? 
Hair diseases are common : itching, redness, dandruff, shing scalp but it is possible to control or stop them. It is essential to start caring as soon as the problems occur.

Every problem has a solution, if you suffer from one of these conditions or if you notice a refinement or a loss of hair, it is time to take control of your health : 

> Baldness 
> Dry hair 
> Dry or oily scalp
> Itching 
> Hairloss
> Seasonnal hair loss 
> Dry or easy dandruff