Advices to preserve your wig

NJ advices to be sure that our products will bring you 100% satisfaction. Remember that a wig worn every day will lose its freshness between 6 and 9 months of use. It is highly recommended to purchase two hair replacements to make a roll. Long curly hair is more fragile that short hair, we must bring more attention to their maintenance.

Please note that fiber asks some precautions to keep a long durability.


> Never sleep with your wig ( if you have to sleep with your wig, please use a silk pillow).
> Never put your wig on a heat source, no sauna, neither swimming in a swimming pool nor sea.
> Never use a dryer or make a brushing.
> Never do a coloration or discolouration.
> Never wash it with hot water
> If the hair loses its folds, please return to your salon where you bought it.

For your satisfaction, please always use our NJ hair care products.


NJ Cosmétique, Gamme d'entretien et de soins biodégradables pour fibres et cheveux, à base d'ingrédients naturels à plus de 95%


It's effective for people who wear a hair replacement but also good for people who have a sensitive scalp.
Use our NJ products : HAIR CARE PRODUCT - HAIR SPRAY and SHAMPO for scalp.

FRESHNESS HAIR SPRAY this product is cleaning the scalp with a fresh sensation.

> Reduces scalp itching
> Reduces redness and irritations
> You can apply it on the scalp and make a massage
> Or apply our NJ spray on a wipe and make a massage on the scalp
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FIXING SPRAY structuring effect

You can use our spray on synthetic and natural hair.
> Its fixing effect enables you to keep your style !!!
> You can use it after washing to keep the folds.
> Do not use it every day on your wigs.
> You must spray from onto the hair 25 cm away to avoid a bad result.
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You can easily use it on synthetic and natural hair.
you can really style your wig and customize your style.
It is a very good product for men wanting to have a modern look.


> Use our oil product to repair your human hair fiber.
> Apply on dry hair
> You can make your shampoo and rinse it.
> Gives a healthy aspect and shine to your hair
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Citrus extract SHAMPOO

Suitable for synthetic and natural hair
Keeps shine to hair and softness
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Citrus extract LOTION

Suitable for synthetic and natural hair
Nourtishing and restructuring
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Take in consideration our advices if you want to preserve the quality of our fiber :


Weekly shampoo recommeneded ( twice a week if you have a strong perspiration). Don't use hot water.

> Brush your wig with NJ antistatic brush.
> Weekly shampoo recomended (twice a week if you have a strong perspiration).
> Put your wig into cold water.
> Then make your shampoo.
> Keep the shampoo during 2 minutes.
> Then you can rinse it.
> Do exactly the same for your second shampoo.
> Before rinsing, put our NJ conditionner.
> Remove the wig from the water and put the wig into a towel.Press slowly the towel to remove water.
> Now, you can let dry your wig to the ambient air.

If you need to style and fix your wig, feel free to use our NJ spray.


Weekly shampoo recommended.

> Wash your wig under warm water with our shampoo
> Rinse it and make a second shampoo, then rince it again under water.
> Then please use our conditionner product.
> Rince it several times and use again our conditionner.
> Remove the wig from the water and put the wig into a towel. Press slowly the towel to remove water.
> Don't style it when the wig is wet.
> Several solutions when you are going to dry it :
> Dry it at the ambient hair.
> Dry it under medium temperature.
> You can use hot rollers.
> Use a curling iron under a medium temperature.


Weekly shampoo recommended.
Use our NJ Shampoo

> Brush the wig then put it into a medium water temperature
> Apply our NJ shampoo and make the shampoo slowly.
> Rinse the wig and make a second shampoo.
> Remove the wig from the water and post the wig into a towel.
> Press slowly the towel to remove water.
> Then you can dry it or brush it ( medium temperature)

PRECAUTIONS : Ne colorez pas, ne décolorez pas, ne permanentez pas et ne défrisez pas votre perruque en cheveux naturels. Demandez avis dans le centre où vous l’avez achetée, c’est lui seul qui jugera de la faisabilité.